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Cosmetic Surgery - Nipped and Tucked

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
Cosmetic Surgery  -  Nipped and Tucked

I’m glad to be happy in my own skin. I’m fine with my appearance, it’s what you’d expect for a woman of my age carrying the experiences of my life. The lines on my face belong there, each one earned. My laughter lines, just like the old joke of ‘Nothing is that funny’, I can’t remember who said it. My body, larger than I would like, but I’ll just wear bigger clothes and enjoy my day; carries the scars of necessary surgery, some life-saving, but that’s all fine, too. It’s me. At the moment I really need my sister-in-law. She is a hair-stylist, miles away in Troon. No one else cuts my hair and for almost a year we haven’t been able to meet, so I keep pinning it up out of my way and waiting. When it gets on my nerves I’m all for fashioning my own pixie cut with the kitchen scissors. I won’t. It’s not just my hair, I love her to bits and miss her and the family very much and look forward to a trip to Scotland as soon as we’re allowed.

Appearance is a confidence thing.Accepting how we look is important to our general well-being, so if something is not right to the point of causing embarrassment or unhappiness and cosmetic surgery can sort it out, that is the way to go.

My family moved about a lot during my childhood. Dad’s job took us to various pubs all over the North West, some short term, and I was used to being the new girl at school. It didn’t bother me too much, until we came to Blackpool in 1965, or thereabouts.I stood with my teacher facing my new class as she introduced me.

“She’s goofy!” 

A rude boy sitting at the front made everyone laugh and made me very self-conscious for years. The teacher didn’t say anything to him, which I thought was unfortunate, but as time went on I learnt why he had to sit at the front. His appearance was not flawless, he had puffed out cheeks giving him a fat looking face, but he was witty and quite funny. We went to different high schools, but met again by chance many years later at a works ‘do’ where he was the DJ. The rude boy was now a pleasant man with a successful business in entertainment and it was nice to spend a few minutes catching up. I was sad to hear he’d passed away some time ago. He’ll never see the results of my extensive cosmetic dentistry – joke.

A recent photograph of a well-known model without her dental veneers on horrified me. It was just a photo and could have been touched up, but there she was, a mouthful of what looked like good, vital teeth, filed to points to accommodate her dazzling white plastic (acrylic, porcelain, gold-bonded) very expensive smile. Money talks. There isn’t a dentist I know who would risk his / her clinical integrity to perform such treatment on healthy teeth. I wonder how she’ll look at age seventy, eighty and beyond with the ‘Colgate ring of confidence’ or if what is left of each tooth lasts that long.

Lip-fillers and Botox treatment seem to be the fashion, resulting in mask-like faces with an expression of surprise and suckers for lips. I think it’s supposed to slow down the natural aging process, but who knows if it works forever? There’s nothing wrong with growing old gracefully.A few ‘nipped and tucked’ celebrities out there will disagree with me.

Here’s Dr John Cooper Clarke,

Face Behind the Scream

This case appears to be urgent

Kindly pull the screen

Cosmetic surgeon

The son of Mr Sheen

Is jerry building versions

Of the face behind the scream

The girl who would be beauty queen

Tells the doctor of her dream

In which she reads a magazine

Wearing only cold cream

They call her the face behind the scream

The image he maintains

And the silence he observes

Says it’s worth a little pain

For the figure we both deserve

A cowboy by profession since the age of 17

Whose singular obsession is the face behind the scream

The girl who would be beauty queen

Tells the doctor of her dream

A soiree in the mezzanine

And castanets and tambourines

A careless word and ugly scenes

The doctor knows he’s made for good impressions on demand

The new nose in the neighbourhood was fashioned by these hands

He can do it blindfold, his instruments are clean

A snapshot in his mind holds the face behind the scream

The girl who would be beauty queen

Diamond rivets in her jeans

Wild and with-it even off screen

He then removes the bandage and the odd remaining scab

A flair for fancy language…

The gift of the gab

Hands you a sandwich and applies the vaseline

To show to best advantage the face behind the scream

The girl who would be beauty queen

Tells the doctor of her dream

In which she turns her money green

Finds herself in a funny scene

Cracks up like a shatterproof windscreen

Danke schoen ich liebe dich, I promise not to hurt

A telephone receiver clicks RED ALERT

Whatever you do don’t touch that switch, the doctor goes to work

With his bag of tricks in his limousine

Mugshots from magazines

Face creams and photofits

To fit the face that doesn’t fit

The face behind the scream

The girl who would be beauty queen

Surrounded by the regular team

Of photo brats and coma teens

In bowler hats and brilliantine

Or bold cravats of bottle green

Such a precious little dream

To be taken to extremes

How many times can you be 16

The call her the face behind the scream

Thanks for reading, stay safe and keep well, Pam x

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