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Cosleeping and Transition to Own Bed

By Smilinglikesunshine @smilinglikesuns
My 4 1/2 year daughter has just started sleeping in her own room, in her own bed. I have been sleeping with her since day one and while I love that she's growing up, I also miss her.
Last year, when she was 3 years old, she decided to sleep in her own room and did for a while. But then, we moved. We were living in a flat before and in this Victorian house, she didn't like the idea of the bedrooms being upstairs and we sitting downstairs in the living room during the night. She said she felt lonely upstairs. So we said it's okay to cosleep if that is what she needs.
Last week, just out of the blue, she said that she wants to sleep in her bedroom and since then, she does indeed. She is very proud of herself and tells everyone about it ; )
I have always believed in trusting the children and meeting their needs. Cosleeping made our lives much easier, especially when she was still breastfeeding at night.
Some people get anxious about cosleeping thinking the child will never sleep on her own. Especially new mums, which is very normal, as cosleeping is generally frowned upon in today's culture.
Most children who sleep in their own bedrooms, visit  their parent's bedroom during the night.They want to sleep with them. I, personally remember crawling into my parent's bed when I was little. Apperantly children crave the closeness and security.
So there we go. I am left with my son. At least I can snuggle up to him. When he wakes me up in the night, I  often go and check if the duvet is still on my daughter.
Before I know it, my son will go and sleep with his sister in the bunk bed.

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