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Corydon, Indiana: Corydon Capitol State Historic Site

By Jessicanunemaker @JessNunemaker
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Corydon, Indiana Capitol Building

Corydon, Indiana Capitol Building

Corydon, Indiana

Built between 1814 and 1816, the Corydon Capitol State Historic Site is impressive and unique!

Corydon, Indiana: Corydon Capitol State Historic Site

This wasn’t it’s first move. Relocated from Vincennes when Indiana and Illinois territories split, there needed to be somewhere more central. Corydon, then, was a move toward a more central capitol location.

It’s beginning starts when Indiana was a territory–can you imagine when Indiana was wild? When soy bean fields and cornfields weren’t a common sight?

This was going to be the courthouse for Harrison County. Federal style and composed of limestone, the stone came from local quarries.

Indiana’s Second Capitol 

But then things changed. The purpose of the square building changed from County Courthouse to Capitol Building!

The first draft of Indiana’s state constitution was written under the shade of an elm tree–the same elm tree trunk that is there today, the Constitution Elm (as it is so called). Though long since dead (Dutch Elm Disease in the 1920′s), it’s a neat tribute to our past.

December 11, 1816 Indiana became a state and Corydon became state capitol. Well, until 1825, when it moved. Again. This time, I am pretty sure you know where!

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Corydon, Indiana Capitol Building

Corydon, Indiana Capitol Building

Now a memorial to our past, the Corydon Capitol State Historic Site is one of eight buildings in the district that have been around since Indiana was a territory!

It has also been completely restored. The only thing missing is the original bell tower. Now that’s some Indiana history for ya.

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Corydon, Indiana State Historic Site in Harrison, County
126 East Walnut Street
Corydon, Indiana 47112

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