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By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

Welcome to another week everyone!  

I need to make a correction on a video I posted a little while ago.  The post was called Footwork for holding runners at first base.  In the video I mentioned that according to the rules, the only player who is allowed to be

His left foot CAN be in foul territory

His left foot CAN be in foul territory

in foul territory is the catcher.  

I was wrong.  

An informed reader commented under the post and corrected me on the ruling (NFHS – Rule 1, Article 4) which says “At the time of the pitch, all fielders shall be on fair ground except the catcher who shall be in the catcher’s box. A fielder is in fair ground when at least one foot is touching fair ground.”

So, in relation to my post, it seems that a first baseman who sets up holding the runner with his right foot in fair territory and his left in foul territory is a legal option.  If I were left handed, I’d consider this a good option to try since having your feet in that position might make it easier to push off after the pitch in order to come off the bag on the pitch.

Once again … you learn something new everyday!

Tomorrow’s post:  Baseball and the OODA Loop


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