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Correcting Self-image | When Feeling Beautiful Is Guaranteed

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

On a daily basis, you either see a beautiful woman playing with her hair or an attractive man showing off his physique. You see a whole lot more of this when you watch television: Both men and women half naked, flexing every part of their body while calling out their measurements. It is almost as if humanity’s purpose for existing revolves around perfecting self-image and showing it off–that is it, nothing more. Nothing but sharing with the world what is perfected on the outside instead of what is on the inside, which is where the true power of beauty lies. In order for you to harness the power of true beauty, you first have to break free from what has conditioned you, starting with peer pressure. From elementary to college–from childhood to adulthood–in one way or another, peer pressure has always influenced your perception of what is beautiful and what is not. It has done so in many ways: Instead of doing what is best for your well-being and self-image, you probably go against your better judgment by doing what others want, from dressing to talking and presenting yourself in the way that others deem as being cool or beautiful.

Correcting Self-image | When Feeling Beautiful Is Guaranteed


Peer pressure, for the most part, stems from the content projected by the mainstream media and Hollywood. The body image they both extol as most beautiful is what you, and many others, do not have–but strive to get. While peer pressure from others strengthens your push towards getting that body image, you lose a bit of yourself, forgetting what truly makes you happy and beautiful. By focusing on self-image inwardly as opposed to outwardly, however, regaining what you lost about yourself can easily be done.

How To Correct Self-image And Keep It That Way For Good

To do this, you first have to learn to love yourself. A great way to start is to develop an accurate and positive opinion on what you see when you look in the mirror. This means to take enough time to acknowledge and appreciate the parts on your body that stand out the most while making you feel beautiful. Every day, you need to add another feature and find something new to say about your self-image.

A great way to keep your self-image healthy and on point is to get involved with anything that will keep you looking your best and in good spirits, whether that is visiting the spa or going to the gym. In addition to that, you need to start focusing on the elements of your surroundings, noticing everything that is beautiful. This will strengthen your spiritual nature while revealing more about yourself. The world is overflowing with things that can help you on your journey of rediscovering what makes you, and only you, the most beautiful. All it takes is for you to take the time to find them and put them to good use. There is no doubt that doing this will pay off in many ways–sooner than you think!

The one thing that matters most is getting rid of all negativity, including self-created thoughts and those from others. When correcting self-image, there is no room for anything that is bound to halt progress. A positive attitude plus a clear mind equals an opportunity of a lifetime: You can finally see what it feels like to be beautiful and comfortable in your own skin.

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