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Cornish Pasties

By Adventuresinamyland

Cornish Pasties

There are few thing in life I love more than food. In particular, I love Cornish pasties (not pay-steez but PA-steese). In fact, I love them so much that I’ve been trying to convince a certain someone to take a holiday in Cornwall just so I can sit on the beach (in a raincoat and umbrella of course) and eat pasties to my heart’s content, but I digress.

Pasties are a curious food indeed. Kind of like a dumpling or pot-sticker in larger form, except not. There are very specific standards for pasties. This year Cornish pasties were awarded PGI (protected geographical indication) by the European Commission. Essentially, only a pasty assembled in Cornwall can be officially called Cornish and there is a particular recipe that must be followed.

Call me crazy, but isn’t the European Commission supposed to be doing more important things than regulating pasties?! I mean, what if I made a pasty and called it Cornish? Is there a punishment? Can you be put in jail because of pasty politics?! Goodness me!

There’s a PastyFest in Calumet, Michigan taking place on July 1st and 2nd. I’m adding it to my ‘to do’ list. Any takers? (hint hint AP)

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