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Coping in the Sun with a Fair Skinned Child.

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum


ID 10013296 300x300 Coping in the sun with a fair skinned child.


As any mother knows, keeping your child safe in the sun is a big must.  For those with fair skinned children, the battle is endless. My Charlie is ginger. VERY ginger, and he’s got the skin that goes with it. He will get burned even when the sun isn’t out properly.  So what can we do to protect such children?

Yesterday we went to the beach. Temperature? 28oC!! It was boiling. And my ki9ds, being as they are, wanted to get straight in the water. So off they stripped and into their swimming nappies and costumes. Smothered in factor 50 plus suncream up to the eyeballs and looking like snowmen, hats plonked on their heads, off they went.  Ten minutes later, worried mommy me grabs them out of the water and smothers Charlie again, and just tops Rhiannon up because she never burns, just browns. By this point neither will keep their hat on and Rhiannon’s is soaked where she threw it in the sea in protest at being removed for more suncream application.

My friend has so far put one lyer of suncream on both of her girls, but then they are covered head to toe in clothing. I’m not sure this was a good move as they were both soon complaining and sweating. I’m too busy stopping Charlie from frying to comment.  The day was getting hotter and hotter and I keep luring the kids into the shade for a while in an effort to prevent sunstroke, alternating with throwing them in the sea followed by another smothering for Charlie and top ups for Rhiannon.

We didn’t leave the beach until half past 5 in the evening and the weather was still getting hotter although the wind was cooling.   I spent the hour and fifteen minute journey home worryig that one or both (mainly Charlie) was going to be suffering from the sun. Suffice to say Rhiannon looked like she had been sunbathing in Spain and even Charlie has a rather becoming brown tint to his skin, but no burns. Well not on them anyway.

I, on the other hand, and singed rather badly on my back. Note to self, whilst worrying yourself over proteting your kids from the sun…don’t forget to protect yourself too.

And now, off to the park to do it all over again.

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