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Copenhagen Nightwalking

By Flemmingbo


Charlene Winfred, a dear friend of mine, has a great long running photo series on Nightwalking featuring some awesome images of Perth at night. Long have I promised her to do a similar shoot in Copenhagen. Long have I had plans to wake up at 2am in Summer and go night walking – at Summer darkness does not win over light until around midnight. That never happened, so instead I spent two freezing evenings in October roaming the city and I have finally captured a few images of Copenhagen by Night – read on.

Copenhagen by Night











The first walk was on the annual “Night of Culture” (awful name) event in Copenhagen—meaning the city was lit up like on no other night, and thousands of people take to the streets to partake in events and visit museums, castles, all places stay open till midnight.

Having attempted nightwalking photography in Copenhagen, I am even more in awe of Charlene’s work. It would take many walks in Copenhagen at night before I had a series I would be truly happy with. Charlene has a great eye for details in her night shoots, something I do not. I tend to look for the big picture. Actually, mostly I was looking for a way to get indoors again, quick, before my fingers froze to the camera.

Night walking and shooting has me hooked though, I am now bringing the camera on all future night walks.

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