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Coolway - Straighten Your Hair Using Less Heat!

By Shoesfashfit @lolashoelove
I love the look and feel of pin straight hair, what I don't like is having to use a damaging flat iron to straighten it. I usually have it turned up to about 350-400 degrees, and even with a hair protector you will still end up damaging the hair!
I was really excited when Coolway reached out to me for a review of their amazing flat iron. I was sent the flat iron, Coolway Transform spray, and the Coolway Boost conditioner.
Coolway - Straighten your hair using less heat!
First I used my regular shampoo, then I used the Coolway Boost conditioner, then dried my hair a bit with a towel and used 30-50 sprays of Coolway Transform. When your hair is about 90% dry, turn on the hair straightener, it will say 'wait' until it's heated, then when it says 'Auto Sense' you are ready to start. Now pick out a piece of hair about 1" thick, and run the hair straightener down it 3 times, on the third time you should hear a beep and it will tell you what your temperature is. Mine was 273 degrees! That's a big difference from what I was use to with my other hair straighteners.
Here is my hair before.... Coolway - Straighten your hair using less heat!
And here is the after! Coolway - Straighten your hair using less heat!
Perfectly straight, shiny and it looks healthy! The Coolway system infuses your hair with moisture and then locks it in, making you able to use tools under 299 degrees efficiently, keeping your hair damage-free!
*I received product in exchange for an honest review, all opinions stated above are 100% my own.*   

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