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Coolest Natural Wonders Around the World

By Healthytravelblog @healthytravel1

Our world has been a work in progress for billions of years. Forces such as water, wind, pressure and heat have been working to mold and shape our planet, forming caves, canyons, mountains, and – sometimes – moving the ground beneath our feet. These forces have created some of the most awe-inspiring scenes in the world.

We travel the world to see these natural wonders. Of course, there are so many around the world that it can be difficult to separate the must-see attractions from the merely awesome. So, with that in mind here’s our list of the coolest natural wonders – those that can serve as a life-changing sight and an opportunity for health and fitness.

Pembrokeshire Coast Path National Trail, Wales

Pembrokeshire Coast Path National Trail Wales

Pembrokeshire Coast Path twists and turns 300 kilometers from St. Dogmaels to Amroth in southwest Wales. This spot has been rated as one the 10 best hiking trails in the world. It covers nearly every kind of maritime landscape from cliff tops and sheltered coves to wide-open beaches and curving estuaries.

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Mud volcanoes of Gobustan, Azerbaijan

Mud volcanoes of Gobustan Azerbaijan
People trek to this location to watch thick gray mud spew from small volcanoes. Don’t be surprised if you see people stripping down and lathering themselves in this goo – it’s thought to have medicinal qualities.

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Verdon Gorge, Provence, France

Verdon Gorge Provence France
Deep cliffs frame the turquoise waters of the Verdon River. Not only does this spot provide a beautiful sight for travelers, they can also take part in rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, sailing, water skiing, paragliding and more.

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Travertine Pools at Pamukkale, Turkey

Travertine Pools at Pamukkale Turkey

The name of these Turkish pools translates to “cotton castle,” stemming from the springs that resemble a fountain made of chalk, which were formed from white calcium deposits. The water is always a warm 96 degrees, flows from 17 subterranean hot springs into the pools and has a high concentration of calcium carbonate. People have traveled here from far and wide for the pools’ reputed healing effects for thousands of years.

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Cascate del Mulino, Saturnia, Tuscany, Italy

Cascate del Mulino Saturnia Tuscany Italy

This destination is known for the steaming hot spring water that flows out of the ground and over a series of small waterfalls into dozens of pools. People flock here to soak in the natural sulfurous mineral to cure ailments from rheumatism to muscle aches.

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Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Australia

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Australia

The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland is made up of 3,000 individual reefs and is the world’s largest structure made of living organisms – it’s even visible from space! Although this destination is known for its maze of coral reef, it’s also known for the huge number of plants and animals that inhabit it. There are tons of snorkeling trips and SCUBA dives for travelers to view this underwater beauty.

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Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

Vaadhoo Island Maldives

Some people like taking long, romantic walks on beaches. Well, this destination can make that date even more romantic – marine microbes called phytoplankton create an amazing effect by glowing blue. The light on the shore mimics the stars above at night.

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Marble Caves, Carerra Lake, Argentina and Chile

Marble Caves Carerra Lake Argentina and Chile
This freshwater lake is surrounded by amazing blue and gray marble caves, called Marble Cathedral. The caves, which are on the Chilean side of the lake, were formed by waves over the last 6,000 years. To view these caves, you’ll have to hop in a kayak and row.

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