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Cool Films With Ships and Boats

Posted on the 22 April 2012 by Limette @Limette9
Be it the grand, sensational cruise ship that was immortalized in 1997, or the claustrophobic, dark U 96 from the 80s' German blockbuster Das Boot - ships and boats have served as both setting and important element in a variety of motion pictures.
Perhaps it's the blend of angst and fascination caused by floating on or in the big sea that convinces film makers to include these vehicles in their productions... At any rate, the audience seems to appreciate it - that is, if the films are well made. I, for one, have an important relation to ships and the sea, as I have spend most of my life on or at the sea - actually I used to hate ships and boats when I was a little younger than now. Teenage rebellion.
But as I startet do get more into the art of film, I also started appreciating and loving those things.
Of course I had always loved the sea - who doesn't? But making a list of good films about the sea or including the sea would be impossible. So I decided to talk about films with ships and boats. Cool films with ships and boats.
Cool isn't a cool word anymore, but I still like it, and I think many films with ships and boats are cool. Here are some of my favourites, in no particular order. Focussing on the ships and boats.
In fact I haven't seen that many cool films with ships and boats. So in case you know some, I'd be glad if you would recommend them.
TITANIC (1997)Cool Films With Ships and BoatsThe classic. So beautiful, so gruesome. I've been on a mini cruise only once, and the ship seemed gigantic, so I always imagine what it must've been like on the Titanic. On the outside and upper levels it's very shiny and extravagant, but also very dirty and dark in the lower levels. Anyway, I think Cameron did a great job of bringing the ship alive, especially in the scenes where we see it from the outside, like above. It looks so incredibly real. As for the film, you already know how much I love it, so let's skip that part today.
DAS BOOT (1981)Cool Films With Ships and BoatsThe only and best submarine film I've seen until now. Unlike the Titanic, which you like and feel sad for, you start hating the U 96 in this one. I don't think I could survive more than a few days in it. Even though it's fascinating too, seeing the underwater animals and somehow becoming one yourself. Or actually it's the U 96 that becomes one of the underwater animals... unpredictable and dangerous.
SUNRISE: A SONG OF TWO HUMANS (1927)Cool Films With Ships and BoatsThe boat plays an important role in this film - at first a scary and threatening place, later on midnight-moonlight-romantic, and then a truly bad one. Its three sides stand for the three parts of the movie and perfectly underline the current atmosphere of this awesome silent picture. 
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN (2003 - 2012?)Cool Films With Ships and BoatsI haven't seen the latest one (4), but I really like the first three though they're very main stream and predictable. Maybe it's the pirates. All I know is that the ships are one of the main reasons too. I can't say if they're realistic, of course, but very impressive, and wooden ships are the best anyhow. Even better when they have canons. 
These were the most impressing and most important ships and boats in films I could think of, but I'm sure you know some yourself - what are your favorite cool films with ships and boats?
Cool Films With Ships and Boats

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