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Conviction To Follow Through

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
Shoshanna Amora Dress 

I was watching a show this weekend (The Missing - Second Season) where no one agrees with one of the characters - not his wife, or his colleagues, or anyone else who crosses paths with him. And that does not deter him in any way for he believes that he is on to something and follows his conviction right till the end. Also, mind you, he is suffering from a severe illness, and even that doesn't dissuade him from what he thinks is the 'right thing to do'. 

Now this got me thinking ... analyzing myself. Will I be able to follow my conviction even if no one agreed with me? Do I have it in me to row against the ride? One must need a special gift - an ability to analyze a situation purely on instinct and logic, without getting influenced by external factors or others' opinions. No?

I have always been fascinated by strong willed people. Those who have clarity of thought and courage to follow their head (and heart!) no-matter-what, for I believe one should only be answerable to their own conscious and be able to make decisions based on what they believe is right. I have not met many such people. Most people are living on borrowed thoughts and/or are too lazy to walk against the tide. 

... what a satisfying life it must be, when you know you are living on your own terms. That's definitely my aspiration.

Moving on to the outfit, ... you can't tell from the pictures, but these were taken a couple of weeks back when it was still freezing and I was out there shooting spring looks. A big shoutout to Sassanova (for the dress) and Jessica (for photography) for collaborating with me on this post. 

Photography via JessBeeCreates
Shoshanna Amora Dress
Shoshanna Amora Dress
Shoshanna Amora Dress
Shoshanna Amora Dress
Shoshanna Amora Dress
Location - Baltimore, Maryland Dress - Shoshanna via Sassanova // Same Pumps - Dolce Vita // Better Bracelets - Other Option Earrings - From India // Similar

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