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Controversial Artist Featured at BBC Headquarters

By Flip

WHY on earth would the BBC commission a sexual deviant with a taste for sexually abusing his own children and pet dog, to produce the main “art work” at Broadcasting House..?

eric gill piping to the children

eric gill piping to the children

It would seem from what is and has been in plain site since 1932, that’s exactly what the founding fathers of this most British of institutions did. Little wonder beasts like Jimmy Savile were drawn to the place, and I have no doubt that twisted sick excuse for a human being (and God knows who else) chuckled every time he/they walked through the main doors.

The art-work on show at the ‘Beeb’ was created by the paraphiliac artist Eric Gill and includes the Piper of Children, Ariel Hearing Celestial Music, Ariel between Wisdom and Gaiety and high above the entrance to the building Ariel and Prospero.

eric gill ariel and prospero

ariel and prospero at the entrance to the bbc

The American Journal of Psychiatry describes paraphilia as: recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviours generally involving:

  • Non-human objects
  • The suffering or humiliation of oneself or one’s partner
  • Children
  • Non-consenting persons

Does that description remind you of anyone..?

It would appear on the surface at least, right from it’s construction (and maybe even its conception) the BBC were drawn and were a draw for at least one known sexual deviant with a taste for kids and pretty much anything else he could get his sordid hands on. Given the lifetime employment/relationship of the BBC with serial sexual predator Jimmy Savile, history, they say, has a curious way of repeating itself.

Silence is a voice, our voice.  Silence is a body, our body

Silence is a voice, our voice. Silence is a body, our body – not so silent now…

For those (like me) not Shakespearean buffs, the relationship between the old magician and Ariel – the pretty boy with the face and voice of an angel – is one of ‘master and slave’, with the boy doing all his master’s bidding to earn his freedom. Read into that what you will.

The BBC say that Ariel represents the “spirit of the air” and a perfect representation of broadcasting. However – and according to various sources at the time – on it’s unveiling the statue caused a consternation amongst many as the boys genitalia was “over-emphasised”. In fact it took a doctor of the day to measure the specimen and agree, Gill was dispatched and the offending member was ahem whittled down.

One wonders under the current climate and ‘clean-up’ if these pieces of art might be replaced for something a little less sordid..?

Jimmy Savile

It’s now accepted, even by the mainstream media, Savile was indeed the predatory sex fiend, paedophile and necrophiliac, ‘those in the know’ had whispered for years. The alternative news media led by David Icke, has been reporting on these allegations for years.

In Icke’s book The Biggest Secret, published in 1998, he not only uncovers the mask of the so called ‘national treasure’ but says he was a procurer of children for a paedophile ring that included/s members of the British establishment including politicians and Royal Family.

No-one has ever brought a libel case over this – one has to ask why..? Is it that Savile was so intertwined with the sordid goings on of the ‘elites’ that any interest from the mainstream media through a court case would shine lights into dark places ‘they’ didn’t want anyone to go..?

Operation Ore and Rumoured D Notices

Operation Ore – for example – was one of the largest investigions into on line child sex pornography ever carried out. The FBI and the British police uncovered a mind bogglingly large list of men accessing child porn sites. This you may remember included Who guitarist Pete Townshend – he later explained he was only on there for ‘research’ purposes.

What you may not know, and what seems to be known all over the internet, is senior Government politicians and ministers were caught in the net. Why weren’t they arrested I hear you cry..? It’s believed that as this occurred during the run-up to the Iraq war – Tony Blair slapped a D Notice on the thing. Yup – it’s alleged he ordered a cover up. It really does beggar belief but if true shows just how far the so called ‘elites’ will go to cover up their appalling crimes.

A D Notice by the way, is basically a gag order over the press concerning matters of ‘National Security’ – see full explanation of DA Notices. Why on earth would a D Notice be slapped on an operation uncovering child sex abuse in high places? Why indeed.

Haut de la Garenne

A search for Savile, abuse, DA Notices and child abuse on Google seems to continually point to the truly horrendous abuses at a number of children’s homes (frequented by Savile) around the country over decades, in particular Haute de la Garenne in Jersey. The investigation into the abuses there uncovered the most vile and shocking evidence of satanic rituals, murder and paedophilia ever uncovered in this country.

See: The Guardian’s and Daily Mail’s recent report on this.

Detailed report on Haut de la Garenne

More on Jersey and Haut de la Garenne

savile at haut de la garenne

Savile with children in the grounds of Haut de la Garenne

Savile was linked to the investigation very early on and denied ever being there, until a photograph was produced of him surrounded by kids in the grounds of the home. Why did he lie..? Why was the senior investigating officer removed off the case, smeared in public with his reputation left in tatters? Why were children from homes around the country taken to the island for ‘yachting holidays’ on board the boats of wealthy individuals? I could go on and on, but would point those interested in seeing exactly what’s going on to do their own research – lead rather than be led.


You might say the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Yew Tree will delve deep and spread far and wide into Savile’s crimes so uncovering anyone else who may have been involved. maybe, but wait a minute – what is that operation called again?

It might come as no surprise to be told the Yew Tree has great significance in Freemasonry. That’s right, Freemasonry. Come on open your eyes – what could possibly link a faded DJ (who died with millions of pounds in his estate – where did that come from???) – Royalty – Politicians – police officers who turned a blind eye over decades and even the Pope (who gave Savile a Papal Knighthood) – Freemasonry maybe?

So what of the Yew Tree you say?

The Yew Tree is venerated in Freemasonry and has long been held in high esteem for its links to magic, death and rebirth. In fact the two pillars of Solomon’s Temple – Boaz and Jachin are often represented as trees with Jachin depicted as the Yew.

Jachin strangely enough is also the masonic handshake known as the ‘real grip of a fellow craft.’ Spooky huh? So please don’t hold your breaths over this ‘detailed’ investigation.

yew tree freemasons and handshakes

Jachin – the masonic handshake linked to the yew tree

They really do like hiding things in plain site don’t they…

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