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Contour Your Face Like A Pro

By Trina @embellishcandle
I have always been in love with makeup since I was a teen even though I wasn't perfect at it. I only knew the basics like adding eyeshadow and lipstick. I haven't really learned contouring yet, but this class class by Danessa Myricks seems pretty interesting and I think I may want to join her online class.
She teaches you step by step on how to contour your face without surgery. The course teaches you everything you need to learn and how to tone and texture to create flawless and natural looks.
You may have seen many how to's on Pinterest on face contouring by images

Contour Your Face Like A Pro 

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I think you'll get a better understanding in an online course to show you step by step. One day I want to create the perfect face and get the right tools. Check out the course

Contour Your Face Like A Pro

Credits to Danessa Myricks

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