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Contorting Skyscraper Sculptures

By Creativevisualart @creativevisart
Contorting skyscraper sculptures Contorting skyscraper sculptures








Cuban artist Alexandre Arrechea contorts the appearance of buildings into far more flexible forms in his public art series - No Limit. The sculptures reintroduce iconic New York City skyscrapers as retractable, curving, and wobbly structures. The shows his perspective on the towering New York City landmarks: such as the Empire State Building and the MetLife Building, and transforms our typical perception of their rigidity.

The Alexandre says, “The Park Avenue project presents a form of marriage between New York City landmarks and architectural elements from different backgrounds. These elements, I believe, symbolically parallel facets of the human condition. With this installation, I have created a set of works that confront dynamism vs static, the whole vs. the fragmented, control vs. chaos, utopia vs. reality. The series provides a new point of access from which to understand the dialog between art and architecture and how this relationship can evolve and open new doors.”

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