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Content Velocity: What is It, Why It is Important and How to Calculate It?

Posted on the 03 October 2020 by Gaurav Kumar @vhowtodo

There is no doubt that you must create quality content for your blog audience and search engine. There the effect multiplies when you know where you are in the race to get the maximum audience and better ranking.

These days, every professional blogger and marketer is creating quality content. Not only you, but your competitors are also following a quality content strategy.

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For example; There are chances that you are creating 10 posts every month.

But some of your competitors are creating 3x, high-quality blog posts.

And, some of them are creating 6X more high-quality blog posts every month.

So who is winning?

Don't be confused.

The answer is simple.

The winner is the competitor, who is creating six times high-quality content than you.

The most common issues with long time bloggers and marketers is that they start complaining that creating more content decrease their quality.

Well, this is not 100% true; it is more a lazy man's line.

Creating more high-quality content will have a better chance to boost your organic traffic and attract more audiences. Content velocity is essential, and today, I will cover everything for you.
Content velocity is the amount of content published by a brand, blogger or marketer to boost traffic, ranking and conversion.

What is Content Velocity?

The easiest way to find out the difference between your content velocity and your competitor is by comparing the content published in the given time.

For example, you should check how much content your competitor has produced in a quarter and how much you have published; you will find out the difference.
Content velocity is essential, and many reasons make you care about it. Here I am sharing the most effective ones:
Content velocity is essential to create more resources to reach a wider audience.

Why is Content Velocity important?

Add More Resources:

If you want to beat your competitors, then you must understand that quality content velocity will help you reach more audiences related to the similar topic.

Competitor analysis is part of an effective SEO strategy.

Measuring and comparing your content velocity with your competitors will help you find how you can add more resources to your site.

Track Your Competitor:

Content velocity is not just about comparing the amount of content you have published with your competitors.

Still, it is also about discovering how many people are working for your competitors and if you also need to hire staff for running a successful blogging or eCommerce business.

You will also find out if the resource are full-time, part-time, freelancers, etc.

Analyze the Cost of Content:

Quality costs you money or time, or sometimes both.

This will give you a better idea of where you are standing and how much you need to invest in outranking your competitors.

Use the Content velocity report to determine how much money your competitors are investing in producing high-quality content.

Also, find out how much you can invest in improving the quality of existing content also.

Content Velocity: What is it,  Why it is important and How to Calculate it? Calculating content velocity!

Now the question is how you can calculate content velocity. Here is the answer!

How to Calculate Content Velocity?

Well, sometimes it can be simple, but sometimes it will be more complicated than anything else.

The best way to calculate content velocity is by using given competitor analysis tools from the list of SEO tools. The most popular are Screaming Frog, SEMRush, Ahrefs, etc.

Now use this list in Screaming Frog to extract the publish date of the posts.

First of all, you need to find the page or blog post published on the competitor's website or blog.

You will also use this data to check;

You can do it by visiting SEMRush, use the URL filter function to filter down the pages and expert the final result.

The result will display how often your competitors are publishing content during the specific period.

This may be time consuming, but it will help you get the final result.

Experts track the Author data to figure out how much content an author has published in a given time.

This data will teach you two things;
  • How long is the content there on the site?
  • How much has the competitor invested in creating such content?

This data will help you find out who is winning with content velocity and who is losing.

Use this data to calculate how much you need to invest in creating better content than your competitors.

If WordCount is what you were ignoring, this data will also focus on the Word Count of the content.

Many established freelance writers are charging upto $0.06/word.

This means that a 1000 words article will cost upto $600.

Now maintain an excel sheet to make it clear how you and your competitors are doing.

Note the following in the content velocity excel sheet:

Total monthly or quarterly cost

This is the best way to understand where your content is standing against your competitors. This research will help you to improve your content according to the latest standards.

You can also take the help of the SEO experts and SEO team to grab more information from this data.
To be an expert researcher, you need to find out how many authors write content for your competitor in a specific period.

Or you can take the help of LinkedIn to search the people working for your competitors.

Use this data to measure their team and performance.

Final Words:

This is an in-depth research strategy like the Eagle eye concept.

No matter people are talking about content velocity or not. It is essential to create more and more high- quality content for the audience. This will make them engage on your blog, bring more social shares, better ranking, and conversion.

Researching content velocity is a time consuming process, but will open the Pandora box of information for you.

You may already be creating good quality content. But now it is the time to create the same amount or more content than your competitors.

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