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Contending for Purity: 7 Considerations

By Loveandgrace @loveandgrace20

Contending for Purity: 7 Considerations
As I continue my writing about sexual purity, I have discovered many websites providing a variety of statistics promoting abstinence. posted the statistic that only 1 of every 5 teenagers will not have sex during their teen years.  It is not a surprising figure, but still disturbing.

These statistics include Christian teens as well.  So it is no surprise that so many of us struggle with abstinence into adulthood. 

Decades ago when I attended a seminar for Christian teens, the minister gave us a paper listing 100 reasons why we should not have sex before marriage.  Unfortunately these kinds of seminars ended when we turned nineteen.  The drawback?  

Our hormones don’t shut down at nineteen.  As adults we still need divine teaching, guidance, and assurance. 

By the time I turned 21 that paper had long been lost.

Abstinence is the safest guard against unplanned pregnancies, abortions, and sexually transmitted diseases.  But there are other risk factors for the Christian woman that you cannot review under a microscope.  There are intangible risks that cannot be recorded as data for statistical purposes. 


So here are 7 factors to consider and reasons why purity matters.  


1. Spiritual Wholeness – Breaking God’s law is breaking our covenant with Him.  The loss of our covenant means losing the treasured benefits of being a child of God.  This includes spiritual peace with God.  We also risk facing the stronghold of pride which keeps many from returning to God and being made whole again.  Purity matters to our spirit. 


2. Emotional Stability – Sex creates a soul tie.  Our soul is the essence of who we are.  It is the source of how we feel.  When the tie is pulled apart, which easily occurs with unmarried couples, a wounded soul and hurt emotions are left behind.  This has happened too often for us to let it happen again.  Purity matters to the soul.


3. Self Respect – One of the most frustrating and heart tugging issues to endure is an affliction to our own self respect.  Standing in the bathroom mirror, too ashamed to look at ourselves, is heart wrenching.  We cannot control what others think of us and often it is not worth trying to control.  But how can we be truly happy when self respect is lost.  Protect and defend it.  Purity matters to our honor.


4. Someone Needs You to Survive – We all hold valuable positions in this world.  We matter to someone.  We directly and indirectly affect the lives of others.  There is someone who needs you to stand with integrity.  Our actions could determine the actions of someone who is looking up to you.  You are the light God wants to shine for the world to see.  We should not stray back to darkness but lead others to The Light.  Purity matters to others.


5. A Good Name – A good name is more desirable than riches… (Proverbs 22:1 NIV).  I challenge myself and you to rise above mediocrity.  We honestly do care about the value behind our name.  Our lifestyle is the story behind our brand, who we are, and what people recall about us.  A woman who waits for marriage to have sex is rare.  She is exceptional.  She is highly favored by those who know her.  Her care for her body and spirit is revealed by the choices she makes.  I challenge myself to be this woman in every area of my life.  Will you?  Purity matters to our name.


6. Shattered Expectations – Women.  We love our romance don’t we?  I know I do.  I read the Songs of Solomon and I said to myself, yes.  That is the kind of romance I want.  I had never heard a man speak to a woman like that before.  He was passionate and tender.  Yet, they waited until the right time to be together.  Then God blessed their love to grow stronger.  We cannot expect these same results when the time is too early and God is not considered.  Our expectations will be shattered.  Purity matters to our hope.


7. Our Alabaster Box – We know the story.  A woman gives her best to Jesus.  It is her best praise, her best sacrifice.  She does it to worship.  She does it to honor Him.  We are urged to give our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, and pleasing to God.  Every kind of sin taints our praise.  It sours the songs of worship we sing.  Sin decays our hallelujah praises.  Let us break our alabaster box and pour out our best to Him.  Purity matters to our worship.


Yours in His service,

C. L. Evans

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