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By Glasgow_mummy @glasgow_mummy
The joy is being sucked out of my blog and my writing; I'm seriously considering stopping altogether.
I found myself yesterday in a meeting with my ex and our lawyers having to justify why I do what I do, and I hadn't prepared for it as I've been so busy and ill.
Suffice to say the meeting did not go well.
I then had to get a taxi to the hospital to start my Humira treatment. Four injections into my tummy; we tried two pre-filled syringes and two pens. The pens hurt, and my tummy is bruised this morning. I'm feeling sorry for myself, but hopefully when the meds kick-in I'll be less tired.
After what was a horrendous day, I then had some girlfriends round for a Bartenders Stripped party which was a great laugh. I'll post separately on this soon but you'll have seen some pics on Instagram if you follow me there.
During the evening we heard of the horrific events in Paris. I can't even begin to comprehend what it must be like for the people affected by this.
I thought my day had been bad; this has really put my problems into perspective.
France, my thoughts are with you.

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