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Connections......this is Our Existence.....this, is How We Are

By Tantrawave @planetbuddha
I have been observing human behavior for over 40 years, admittedly, from my own perspective. But I have made an observation as of late that gives me pause.
We make connections all the time. We connect with people, we connect with situations, we connect with objects in this physical world. But what if all of those connections are on purpose, as if they are driven by a force much greater than we can possibly imagine?
Every time we connect, we can find that the connection has some root in what we perceive as the "past", we can see it as where we've been, bringing us into the present, and helping us into our "future".
You meet someone, out of the blue, and yet that person, at that exact time, has something to offer us that we need at just that exact moment. We "happen" to find that five dollar bill, on the road, at the exact time that we need it.
We find that situations we are dealt with coincide with our own ability to deal with them, just after other situations that we have dealt with before, so we can learn, in a progression. Does this seem odd to anyone other than me?
We perceive time in a linear fashion, and things seem to happen in such a way to facilitate that linear timeframe, even though, in cosmic terms, time does not travel in a linear way.
One thing follows another, bad things, good things, everything in general, happens as we can perceive it, in a linear way. Is this weird to anyone else?
You're alone for a time, and then, when you don't think you can stand it anymore, someone comes along, and you're not lonely anymore.
Life seems to be falling apart, everything seems to be going wrong, and then, out of the blue, something happens to make it all ok.
Is this just chance? Is this just random happenings? I think not.
The connections we make are not random, they are by design, that's my opinion.
There are forces at work that we can not only not perceive, but we cannot understand.
Everything you've ever done, seen, or have decided to be, is a part of the grand plan, the way to make sure everything "works", that's my idea.
Is it so far fetched an idea, that it might not be possible? I think not. Watch your life, see it for what it is, a series of events, all of which brought you to this time, this space, to connect with only who you had to connect with to make your life happen.
No one is immune. You make a decision, and then the universe makes it happen. It makes choices for you, based on what you have done before. Someone comes into your life, someone amazing, but, you have little choice as to how things play out. You just have to go with it, with what the universe gives you.
I think that maybe, just maybe, we don't really have a choice. Life goes on, as they in the "other side" want it to go, and whether or not we like it, things will happen as they see it, in order to make sense of what we "normal" humans can't comprehend,  That's just what we need to go to a higher level or to get to their level of consciousness, we have to experience certain things first.
And that, my friends, might just be the meaning of life.

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