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Connecting Instagram and Google +

Posted on the 16 July 2011 by Tftb @TFTB

Now that almost everyone has started using Google+ as a common social networking medium sharing in Circles is gonna get very common.

Connecting Instagram and Google +

We already covered how to port all your old Instagram photos to Google+ ( Picasa provides unlimited ish storage ) but what about your photos which you click via Instagram now?

Sooner or late this feature would come to Instagram but till then we can use this workaround.

There are actually two methods to do this, First lets cover the complicated method,

 ’Instagram > Dropbox > Picasa > Google +’ Method

This includes having a free/pro Dropbox account.
Lets get on it

  • Connect your Instagram Account to Dropbox - This feature would enable you to save all your instagram photos in your Dropbox Account as soon as you share them on your Instagram stream.
  • Download Picasa Desktop Application - Once installed.
    Choose ‘Add a New Folder’ from Picasa menu and point it to the Dropbox folder that was just created by your earlier step.
  • Now you have to make sure that the Instagram folder you just selected stays synced all the time with Picasa.
    For that go to Tools > Folder Manager , Choose the Instagram folder choose the option to ‘Scan Always‘ .
  • In the sidebar which has folders in the Picasa App, choose ‘Enable Sync‘  for that folder in the Share options.

And you are done, now share a photo on Instagram and it would sync to your Dropbox folder pushing it to your Picasa and eventually to your Google+ Profile.

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