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Conjunctivitis Strikes Again... Times Three!

By Dgmommy @dgmommyblogger

Conjunctivitis Strikes Again... Times Three!

Crusty, Swollen, Red Eyes
are the tell-tale symptoms

I know that "Pink Eye" is a common thing among school-age children, but I don't recall ever having it nor had my own children until we moved here. I'm not blaming England, of course. That would be ridiculous. Yet, within a week after our arrival both The Boy and Nature Girl had it.
With just 3 days of school under his belt, The Boy brought it (and a cold for everyone) home again over the weekend. He missed school Monday (when he fell asleep on the way, I knew I had to keep him home). He's all better now, but both of the girls have it.
We're having a home-school day because Nature Girl's eyes are crusty and swollen; Sweet Rose is on day 3, but she missed school yesterday because of it and a terrible cough and she had a fever last night (related or not? Who knows with her), so she's home today as well. Why should I drag the girls to school (a 10 to 15 minute drive and then a short walk in the freezing cold from the street I'm not supposed to park on) to drop The Boy off when he'll just cry (but only for a few minutes) and it isn't necessary that he go - it's playschool, not a structured preschool.
I am putting the children to aid with the task of disinfecting our house. They'll be armed with paper towels and germ-killing spray for door knobs and light-switches. Bedding is being washed at the hottest temperatures and toys will have to be sprayed as well.
It's frustrating that my second week of having 3 kids in school 3 days a week turned out to be full of sick kids, extra cleaning and only 1 day to myself (though I was amazingly productive in those 5.5 short hours!). I write this post as a means to vent so that I don't take my frustration out on my poor kids and to put my mind in a positive space by 'talking' to a friend (that's you :) and finding some joy in being able to spend more time with my sweet children.
Thanks for reading; you've got a great shoulder! Now, off to clean!
(Need to know more about Conjunctivitis? I'm curious like that too, so here you go!)

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