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Confessions of a Beauty Addict: Blushers

By Boo_brown
Confessions of a beauty addict: blushers
I love blushers as i think the above picture demonstrates. I don't know if i'm proud or horrified by my collection. I like the way blush adds color to your face and for me it really helps define my face. I have what i call hamster cheeks, it looks like i am storing food in them, they are chubby, always have been, even when i was a child. So i have a lot of area to work with. Blushers helps add some color to my really pale face and over the last year i have started to get more bold in my color choices. Before i would need wear brighter colours, now i love them, but i know they need to be used in moderation. My preferred formula is powder, i find cream blushes a bit harder to work with, but can give an amazing finish if you put the effort it. You will also notice i seem to have a preferred brand, Nars, to be they are the kings of blusher, the colours are amazing, such great pigmentation.
Are there any blushers you would like a closer look at it? 

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