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Confessions and Prayers ...

By Namalsiddiqui @namalsiddiqui

Confessions and prayers ...
Hi guys!
Often, we are so engrossed with work, friends and other matters of life that we forget the most important matter. Well, I do feel that way and maybe many people can relate to it. We are so busy with our daily routine of things, we never stop or take a moment to Thank God, or remember Him. Being a Muslim, even the five time prayers becomes part of a daily routine and sometimes missed. And then, I want to stop.
Just stop everything I am doing, and feel the need to connect with The One. To not be associated with the 'things' and 'things' of this world, rather let myself reach a higher level of spirituality. It brings me to peace with myself, after all the stress and frustration of work, personal and worldly issues. In our own special ways, at a mosque, a church, a temple, a solitary place, a quiet moment, in our heart and soul, only by reaching out to God (with respect to all beliefs), do we find peace and tranquility within. So here it is,
To God, with love
Tonight, my eyes do not look for sleepFor in the darkness they seek to weep
My days have been restless, my nights faithlessMy steps are pathless, my hopes hopeless
Consumed by material gains and lust for thingsMy pride and arrogance is creeping in
Come morning, the call of duty wakes meEvery day, toiling for things breaks me
Come evening, home calls me backLuxuries like rest keep me off the track
Time passes, without You I am blindYet time for You is hard to find
You. The Truth. My Only Savior.Humble me down like a feather
Into the realms of spirituality, take meFrom the recesses of my ignorance, wake me
Take a breath of warm crisp summer airTonight I am sending to You a prayer
Starry night sky, send a prayer up highHeaven bound, I know it shall be found …
Thanks for reading! :)

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