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Confessions and Announcing My Next Big Trip

By Littlebckpacker @littlebckpacker

Let’s start with the confessions.

This past month has been one of a struggle. I have just not had time to keep up with life.

I’ve been dealing with the changes to my living conditions, trying to maintain a long distance relationship, keep up with my university studies, juggle my three jobs and fulfill the commitments I made months ago (like photographing a wedding and completing the classroom part of my TEFL course).

It’s amazing I’he had time to eat and sleep over the past four weeks.

You know what the biggest forfeit has, been my time online. Time to keep up with Twitter, post on Instagram, read other people’s blogs and most important actually blog on my own. I didn’t even manage my normal two posts this week.

sun in heart

And there is worse to come…

For my university course I have to spend a certain period of time each academic year in school on ‘placement’. The first half of that commences on the 9th of November for four weeks. My time will need to be devoted to planning lessons, working towards assignments and just generally kicking ass at being a trainee teacher. Unfortunately, again, blogging is going to be pushed to the bottom of the pile of importance.

Basically what I’m trying to say is the blog and all my social media platforms maybe a little quite for the next month and a bit, as I get my head down and focus on what is important for my degree.


There is some good news. I have purchased plane tickets for a super exciting trip. Probably my biggest trip  since returning from my gap year.

I am off to Brazil. Or to be more precise Rio de Janeiro for Christmas and New Year.

rio de janeiro

Those of you who have spoken to me at recent blogging events will already know this news but my boyfriend will be moving to this crazy city in November for a year. He will be working on the 2016 Olympics and of course this is a great excuse for me to visit, several times. So this trip will mark the beginning of handful of visits to this part of the world, including a three month stint over the summer (hopefully). I could not be more excited to finally reach South America and my sixth continent. 

On this first trip I am going to be getting familiar with this new city, trying new food and of course enjoying the summer heat. And this is where you guys come in… Have you been to Rio de Janeiro? Can you give me tips for my first time visiting the city? What are the must do things? How should I celebrate New Year? Basically anything you think will help, I’d love to hear it or be linked to a blog post.

So there you have it my confessions of being a terrible blogger recently (and for the next month) and my exciting plans for my next big trip. 

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