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Confession Time

By Greengirl @GrinGarl
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I owe you an explanation. 
If you're following me on Facebook, you probably know we are visiting my mother in law since last week in June. Sun, beach, pool, ice-cream, cake, grill, sleep in late, someone else doing the dishes. It may now sound much but I really needed it. I love when MIL is watching Tiffany in the morning and I can sleep in late. Now, tell me, you don't like that. 
We usually visit MIL two or three times a year. It's always lots of fun. If it's up to me we would move down here. I kinda hate the winters in Virginia. 
The weekend prior to 4th of July we fired the grill like there was no tomorrow. Veggies, shrimp, fruits. Everyone was happy. MIL even ordered a delicious cake (shown above) from a local bakery. Mousse cake, hubby's favorite. Don't you think it's pretty? It was one of the best mousse cakes I had in a long time.
We planned our short getaway few weeks ago. I knew I wasn't going to cook nor take photos so I saved some recipes to share with you. 
Cherry tomatoes quiche 
Confession Time
Egg yolks cookies 
Confession Time
Braided milk loaves 
Confession Time
Three seeds vegan rolls 
Confession Time
plus the two recipes I already shared Dropped biscuits and Black-eyed peas and red pepper soup.
Unfortunately, sometimes things don't turn out exactly how we plan it. 
On the 4th of July, Tiffany came down with a fever. I gave her some Ibuprofen, and the fever was on and off for a couple of days. Thursday morning I saw some fever blisters around her mouth. We went to the ER and now she's on antibiotic. The outside blisters are starting to dry out, but the ones on her tongue are still there making it hard for her to eat.
Confession Time
I'm going to step away for a couple of days until she gets better and in the little time I have when she's sleeping I'll try to visit each one of you and keep up with the latest posts. Until next time, take care my friends. 

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