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Condensing Combi

By Futli @futlim

35E MCA / MCA 45 / 65 MCA / MCA 95 / 115 MCA



According to the classical boilers more efficient and environmentally friendly products for the future because they are classified as condensing boilers.

Condensing technology from combustion flue gas with water vapor in the efficiency of the system is useful kazandırılarak contain latent heat energy to the system increases. Frequency and premix fan and the burner with combustion air before the fuel mix is ​​in the correct proportions, the ideal achieved with proper combustion. In this way, the fuel consumption and exhaust emissions (NOx and greenhouse gas mainly responsible for acid rain gases, the so-called COX) is reduced. For this reason, environmental protection and natural products.

35, 43, 65, 90 and 114 kW heating power for a range of products
To yield low operating temperature of 110% values ​​of up to
18% – 100% power modulation
Propane or natural gas vented from the hermetic / the ability to use
Multi-function control panel isystem Diematic
Outdoor air sensor (standard)
Security Systems
Installation and user friendliness

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