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Complacency Kills

By Rusty @russellpurkiss

“The world is a dangerous place. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” –Albert Eisnstein

We live in a very complex world, so much injustice that goes on around us that we tend to grow callous to it all that we grow to accept it as

Complacency Kills
“natural”! It is a sense of impotence, we feel as though we are powerless and can do nothing to change anything anyway so we do absolutely nothing. With the social media revolution however, it is growing more and more a power to be reckoned with as has been proven now in the middle east with the “Arab Spring”, which in effect is nothing more than “people power”.  The voice of the people becomes hard to ignore and therefore change becomes inevitable!

Evil can be overcome if just enough people grow conscientious enough to do something about it.  Sad to say we have been lulled to sleep for the most part through the luxuries of life to the point that, we are just happy to be able to have all our nice little trinkets. By and large many of today’s atrocities go right past us with hardly a second glance due to the insensitivity that we grow accustomed to through complacency.  This is true, until  finally a problems strikes right at our front door, and then only we realize how much we have been hood-winked and lulled to sleep by the people who have been just a bit more aware of just what has been going on around us in order to take full advantage and prosper at our expense!

Complacency is like a drug that puts you to sleep to the point that you are past feeling!  Nothing seems to matter just as long as you are left to yourself and have what to you seems to be a “normal” existence!  With the current economic crisis that is unfolding around the world, finally some people are waking up to the fact that they have been taken for a ride and have believed that their best interest had been taken into consideration, when in fact the best interest of a small interest group was taking full advantage of the masses.

Don’t ever be satisfied with how things are, always look for how things can change in order to grow and make progress! Do what you can do today, and tomorrow we can think about what is needed, but whatever you choose to do, do not allow yourself to fall prey to dreadful complacency!  Act now, tomorrow will already be too late, lest you fall victim the fruits of inactivity!

Are you aware of what is happening around you and ready to act when necessary?  Or are you foolish enough to believe that others have your full interest at heart?

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