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By Jess_kemp @JessicaJKemp
I finished interning at Company magazine today. I was there for four weeks and it has gone SO quickly. It's been really fun and stressful at times but I absolutely love the environment there, it's so friendly and fun. (Definitely not what I was expecting from a top magazine). Although just in the fashion cupboard I got to do some really fun things. The every day tasks consisted of sorting through returns, docketing them and sending them back. Also we were calling in different items for the stylist so 'bowler hats' for example which consisted of ringing up different PR companies and getting them to send through appropriate items to fit the brief. General tidying up, unpacking suitcases from shoots and any other general help!
I was in their 'street girl' section of the magazine, I think it's in November's issue. It was so interesting to see what actually goes on behind the scenes on these shoots, especially modelling!! I got to wear some items I could only dream of. The beautiful leopard Unif Hellbounds, some tie dye velvet House of Hackney dungarees and a big dramatic shaggy coat to name just a few. Laura who did the styling for the shoot is really talented and has amazing taste. I thought they were going to put me in awful clothes that didn't suit me at all. (Although I did have to wear a pair of... wait for it... JEANS!) Yes that's right, me in jeans... Let's just say it hasn't tempted me back into the world of denim leg attire. I will show you the photos soon, shouldn't think I would be allowed to show them until the mag is released. 
A part of the website shows you all at home what everyone in the office wears each day (and yes everyone does look amazingly fashionable, on trend and GORGEOUS) which is all fun. I can show you a couple of those images of which I was featured in!                                                                                        COMPANY MAG INTERNCOMPANY MAG INTERN      Versace for hennes blouse, Topshop skirt, Pastel docs  //  Topshop bralet, hennes skirt, Underground creepers
This is Alex who looks tres cute in her Monki pastel hat and leather gothic (which we are both obsessed with at the moment) style. She was also interning at the same time as me along with Katy (woodland creature) who looks beaut in her Pucci inspired tunic and trousers. How cute do they both look?! It was sooo fun working with them both and hopefully we'll all meet up soon! I managed to persuade Katy to start up a blog too as she always looks so coooooool. 
Yesterday I got to go on a beauty shoot which was great. It had a bit of a twist of the models were actresses, so the beautiful Hannah Tointon and Olivia Cooke just to mention a couple all coming from great dramas including Downton Abbey and Misfits. Here's a couple of cheeky photos I managed to take on my phone of Olivia.
I can't wait until this issue is out, it looks great and the shots were absolutely outstanding! Working with Company for the last four weeks has really made me appreciate the other side of the industry and how it was so different to Lulu Guinness and how an individual brand like that works alongside a magazine. If any of you are contemplating work experience at Company I would definitely recommend it as it taught me so much invaluable information.
I'm starting Draper's Magazine on Monday so will obviously keep you all updated. Busy busy busy then make at university for my final year. No rest for the wicked!!
I'm just listening to The xx's new album chilling out, it's well worth a download! Oh, and i'm obsessed with Grimes at the moment too.
Have any of you done any internships recently or are thinking of applying to any? I would love to hear about them.

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