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Common Reasons Why Marriages Fail

By Lili Gomes @_roselili

Marriage+troublesCommon Reasons Why Marriages Fail

Although a marriage is regarded as a special and sacred bond, it doesn’t take much to tear it apart if it has anything to do with the reasons that are mentioned below. In fact, no matter how much a spouse loves the other, if there is anything of the sort where any of the partners feel that it is no more possible to lead a marital relationship with that specific person, it is going to be the end of marriage. There are a number of reasons why marriages fail. Let us have a look at those reasons:

Extramarital affairs:This is one of the main reasons why most of the marriages fail. A lot of men and women even after marriage get attracted towards their opposite sex. They become physically involved and share a very intimate relationship with that other person who is not their spouse. This is illegal and no partner can tolerate this after marriage, which results in divorce.

Loss of interest: There are many people who marry their partners because of physical attraction. When their partners gain weight and look no more attractive in their eyes, it is from that time that the spouse starts losing interest in his or her partner. A lot of husbands or wives seem to be very less bothered about what their spouse is actually passionate about. This loss of interest can result in a marriage failure.

Avoiding responsibilities: A marriage needs a lot of maturity irrespective of the age. The couples who are involved in a marriage should not only handle responsibilities but must also know how to handle them smoothly without complaints. If one partner avoids taking responsibilities and doesn’t do the duties and passes it to his or her spouse, the marriage may fail some day. Marriage requires mutual effort as well as cooperation of couples including completing chores, making decisions and raising children.

Lost intimacy:The glue that keeps a couple together after marriage is intimacy. Intimacy isn’t limited to sex and the naughty thoughts of your spouse. It is even about being involved mentally and emotionally. The lack of sharing feelings of joys, struggles and other things make a partner feel lonely and sad. Counselling Couple counseling or individual counseling in this matter may be helpful and resolves the blocks to intimacy. If you want to get in touch with a professional for help, Jade Couquaux, the psychologist in Bondi is a great option.

Common Reasons Why Marriages Fail

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