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Comments, Oh, How I Love Thee

By Greengirl @GrinGarl
Let's face it : we all love them. They makes us feel we are important and keep us going on. Who doesn't love to hear words of praise coming form another person. I for one, I do. As a basic rule, I try to leave a comment for every comment I receive. Lately, it got a little overwhelming. I really love all the comments you left on my blog, they make me smile and brighten my day, but until the end of the month this is going to be the last post you can leave comments on. I'm so behind leaving comments in return and this seemed to be the appropriate solution. 
Of course, there were times when I didn't leave a comment in return. After reading this article it got me thinking, why I stopped leaving comments and sometimes even stopped following a blog no matter how awesome their posts were. 
1. I hate1-2 words comments. I'm talking about bloggers who leave the same comment over and over again "yummy" "great post" "delicious" and nothing else.
2. I hate when commenting on a post you're automatically subscribed to the following comments. Please, remove that option or no one will leave a comment on your blog EVER!
3. I stopped leaving comments on one blog after received the same cheesy comment at least 5 times : This is my first visit to your site but based on what I've read so far, I'll definitely be back. (shell I mention I've seen the same comment on other blogs also?)
4. First time visitors comments : "I'm your new follower, hope you'll follow back" and no other words about by post/recipe/blog.
5. I hate the word verification but captcha is really really annoying, especially when there are some drawings over the tiny letters.
6. Too small or too big fronts. Did I mention colorful? No matter if you're the best blogger or not, people will stop visiting your site due to eye problems.
7. More Google adds in one post that food photos. I understand that you're trying to make a buck and really don't mind the sidebar adds but not in the actual post while I'm trying to figure out how you made that amazing cake.
8. Header adds. I want to see the post first thing when I click on your blog url, having to scroll, scroll and scroll is not a good thing. Take a second and think about your readers too not just your wallet. 
9. Blogs with biiiiiiig size pictures that slow and sometimes freeze my browser. There are so many free photo programs, no need to upload your 3400X2300 photos in their original size. 
10. Ahem ... I hope you'll be honest and tell me what's wrong with my blog

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