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Posted on the 31 October 2012 by Callumgg @callumgg

Demolishing five myths about Europe’s decline (Europe’s World)

Five wrong notions have encouraged Asia and America to misdiagnose Europe’s ailments, Indermit Gill writes. And although Europeans need to make big changes, he believes the EU’s economic model can still be made to work

Europe has been getting a bad press. The Greeks and the Italians have been excoriated for endangering the euro, and Iceland, Ireland, Portugal and Spain have been criticised for their reckless financial policies. Endless summitry in Brussels hasn’t helped. Europe is increasingly seen by Americans and Asians as sluggish, even spoilt. Five wrong notions that have led to this misdiagnosis.

Ukraine election ‘reversed democracy’, OSCE says (BBC)

International observers say Ukraine’s election has been a backward step for democracy, marred by “the abuse of power and the excessive role of money”.

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We can’t export our way out of the crisis (Frankfurter Rundschau)

To come up with the money to pay for its crisis, the eurozone has decided to export at any cost, slashing wages across the union, and courting customers abroad. The problem: that’s exactly what the countries in the Americas and Asia are trying as well.

2030 – Another New Russia? (The Russia Watch)

There are major questions still to be asked about the New Russia, and whilst growth has been high for the last decade the economy is losing momentum. … Recently, experts at the Valdai Club forum gave four drastically different outcomes for the economy … Key concerns involved oil, but also government reform. The timeline of these rough scenarios was set to be present day – 2030.

What policies would best promote the zombie apocalypse? (Foreign Policy)

Daniel Drezner investigates.. inspired by the video below.

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