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Bob’s Your Uncle! Prince Charles Gives Legs up to Unidentified Food Supplier in Letter to Health Minister

Posted on the 04 June 2015 by Callumgg @callumgg

In this letter, Prince Charles pushes an initiative which links hospital catering to local farmers' hubs. He hails the leader of the project at Royal Brompton Hospital, named in the letter as Mike Duckett, and a hospital food supplier, whose name has been redacted.

The unnamed man acts as a middle man selling fresh food to retailers, restauranteurs and the public sector, Charles explains.

The Prince writes:

Mike says that buying seasonal, fresh (and, wherever possible, organic) food has ensured patients enjoy better quality and more flavoured food, which has retained its natural nutrients and so their health has, of course, benefitted. And because they enjoy eating it, waste has been minimised.

He adds:

At the same time (redacted) is giving farmers in Kent a secure and consistent market for their produce which, as you can imagine, makes all the difference.

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