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Commenting Back

By Littlebookstar @LittleBookStar

Readers in WonderlandIt really makes my day when I get an e-mail saying that someone commented on my blog. I get super happy and I fangirl on you! I know that everyone is busy so I really appreciate it when people try to squeeze in the time to comment on other people’s blogs. I know that some bloggers including me feel sad at times when we comment on (let’s say) 20 comments and by the end of the week we only receive (let’s say) 6 comments. I think it’s very important that a blogger interacts with his/her viewers.

I started book blogging because I want to have my own place to talk about books AND to talk my love of books with other book lovers! I adore all blogs but for the bloggers who often comments back have a very very very special place in my heart. I’m less likely to visit a blog that has a blogger who rarely interacts with his/her audience because I feel like I’m talking to myself.

Well… if you enjoy commenting or you comment a lot and respond to your comments…there is this amazing group for you created by the wonderful Alise over at Readers in Wonderland. Alise came up with an amazing idea called Commenting Back. Commenting Back is a group just for those people who replies back to his/her comments AND visits the blogger’s website to leave a comment in return. I love this idea. Enough said.  


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