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Comic Sans Enters Hall of Fame

By Utpalpande @utpalpande

Comic Sans is a misunderstood typeface, says Ivan Belikov, a Russian born Graphic designer who moved to Chicago in late 80′s. Comic Sans is going to be recognized as the most influential typeface in the last 100 years by the Lyov  (Лёв) Museum of Contemporary Design, Potyomkin. Comic Sans was chosen over Helvetica, Din 1451 Std, Gill Sans & Gotham Rounded for its sheer versatility and ease of use.

We think Comic Sans is a brilliant typeface. We tested it with 18 different cosmonauts and they could effortlessly read the type in space. No other typeface offeres this flexibility. Cosmonauts tested the typeface in simulated Zero-G environments and could read elaborate service manuals upside down. Comic Sans is the first certified font by the Soviet Space Restoration Program (SSRP) that can be used in space. — Igoryok Basilevsky, Functional Design for Space Center, SSRP

Comic Sans Enters Hall of Fame

Due to lack of fundings the SSRP program was closed in mid 2008. However, the tests conducted between 1999 & 2005 have brought some irrefutable proof that Comic Sans is actually a very dynamic typeface.

Comic Sans Enters Hall of Fame

The United States is also not very behind. In 2010, Belikov started The United States of America Department for Comic Sans with a vision to promote the use of Comic Sans in all spheres of life in the US.

Comic Sans Enters Hall of Fame

So far the agency has been quite effective and the typeface is spreading like a wild fire, says Belikov. The following images are testaments to the agencies success.

Comic Sans Enters Hall of FameComic Sans Enters Hall of Fame

Europe is also following the trail. French designers Thomas Blanc and Florian Amoneau have sought to spark a movement that aims to bring the respect Comic  Sans has always deserved.

Just before this interview Belikov revealed that NASA might also follow SSRPs footsteps and use Comic Sans for its next space programme.

Comic Sans Enters Hall of Fame

We are slightly baffled and confused but with so many powerful agencies backing up Comic Sans, we think it’s time for some  retrospection. The omnipresent font has just become omnipotent.

Our sincere thanks to Miss Dvora who was instrumental in bringing this article to VSUAL.

Comic Sans Enters Hall of Fame

Dvora Kulik, Design Intern
The United States of America Department for Comic Sans
Chicago, USA

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By  Gabrielc
posted on 02 April at 15:45
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That's neat I'm a author and I use comic sans a lot myself on my writing. It's actually good for a lot of different emotions in the writing world and it DOES NOT SUCK.