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Comedy and the Blame Game

By Janmcinnis @janmcinnis

“Comedy is in the eye of

the beholder.” What people think is funny really does vary from person to person. For example, a friend of mine carries around a doll. . . like almost everywhere he goes. . .. He’s not as crazy as he sounds, it’s just a funny thing he does to be funny (at least we hope it’s a joke!). The doll whom we’ll call “Chester” . . . because, well that’s the doll’s name. . . makes for a lot of comedy and funny antics as Chester gets himself into all sorts of trouble! Everything that goes wrong is blamed on Chester, and people are encouraged to give input on decisions Chester has or will make.

Comedians and one-liners

Comedy Fall-Guy Chester

Why do I bring up Chester?

Because the doll is a ventriloquist doll, and my friend, who is not a ventriloquist, is doing something that ventriloquists have been doing forever. . .making their doll (puppet) their fall guy. Yes, the doll can say and do things that are funny, but that the ventriloquist can’t because he/she will get in trouble or anger the audience. The doll can say dirty jokes that the ventriloquist can’t, the doll can make fun of a person that the ventriloquist can’t. Dolls are good for being the bad guy or gal.

Now you might not want to bring

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