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Colorado Democrat Says Defend Yourself with Ballpoint Pens

Posted on the 20 February 2013 by Eowyn @DrEowyn

On January 28, 2013, Colorado State Senator Jesse Ulaberri — a Democrat — tells the Colorado Senate Judiciary Committee there are alternatives to guns for self defense, like ballpoint pens. I kid you not.

I don’t know what Senator Ulaberri was smoking. Here’s Wikipedia’s account of how Tucson mass murder Jared Loughner finally was restrained. Note that no ballpoint pen was used:

“Loughner stopped to reload, but dropped the loaded magazine from his pocket to the sidewalk, from where bystander Patricia Maisch grabbed it.[24] Another bystander clubbed the back of the assailant’s head with a folding chair….[25] Loughner was tackled to the ground by 74-year-old retired United States Army Colonel Bill Badger,[26] who had been shot himself, and was further subdued by Maisch and bystanders Roger Sulzgeber and Joseph Zamudio. Zamudio was a CCW holder and had a weapon on his person, but arrived after the shooting had stopped and did not use the firearm to engage or threaten Loughner.”

Ulaberri is among the Demonats in Colorado’s state legislature who are pushing through a raft of gun control legislation. Go here for those bills.


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