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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Superconference Construction - The ACC

By Huskerlocker @huskerlocker

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Contribution by Brett Baker
With all this talk of Superconferences, a few members of the Husker Locker Crew sat down and hammered out how they’d handle the ever-changing climate of NCAA athletics.
First up, Brett Baker took over the Atlantic Coast Conference for a day.
Commissioner Baker reached out and added Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Central Florida. His reasoning is as follows:
“Pitt & Syracuse both bring strong athletic traditions. They are cyclical in football and always good in basketball. Rutgers was chosen in a squeaker over West Virginia. It's a better market, there are better academics, their state is actually on the Atlantic coast and they don't burn couches. The last spot came down to UCF and South Florida. While USF has a much bigger endowment, UCF has a much bigger student body and an on campus football stadium. That wins with me.”
North Atlantic:
Boston College
Virginia Tech
Wake Forest
South Atlantic:
Central Florida
Florida State
Georgia Tech
Miami (FL)
North Carolina
North Carolina State
Football Championship Game Sites:
“My requirements were to have an open air NFL stadium, major city, grass surface, and a school within the same state as the stadium. With that in mind, I selected four stadiums and placed them in a four year rotation.”
2012 - Meadowlands Stadium “Why not start in the biggest media market in the country? The only glitch: Not real grass and it might be a bit chilly. Those factors are far outweighed by being in the NFL's second best stadium.”
2013 - Raymond James Stadium “The home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is a great facility in a town that’s easy to navigate with weather that's likely to entice fans on the fence about whether to go to the championship game or not.”
2014 - M&T Bank Stadium “Baltimore is an awesome city that has put a tremendous amount of effort in to make sure people enjoy their visits. The inner harbor will be a great place to enjoy pre-game festiviesi. Fells Point is where you want to be the night before and immediately after the game.”
2015 - Bank of America Stadium “Charlotte is in the heart of ACC country and deserves to be a part of the title game mix.”
Basketball Men's Tournament Site:
“Great conference tournaments become great because they find a home and stay there. Football may be the driving force behind superconferences, but basketball is the heart and soul of the ACC. That's why I'm going with ‘The Cable Box’.“
Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte “It's not Tobacco Road, but you can see it from there. North Carolina is in the heart of this conference. The tournament needs to be played there.”
“Everything else is negotiable. Football and men's basketball are the money makers so they get priority,” Commissioner Baker said.
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