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By Ashleylister @ashleylister
Over the years I've collected a variety of things. as a teenager I collected seashells from my travel around the coast of Scotland. these were labelled and displayed in chocolate boxes. When I left a school at sixteen, I gave this collection to the science department.
Once at college I had a vast collection of books relevant to my coursework, and others related to specialist subjects.
As a young married woman I collected bells. So, when visiting places on holiday I would purchase a bell. They came in all sorts of materials, brass, silver. This was a vast collection and filled a display cabinet in the lounge. Downsizing in 2006 meant that this collection could not come with me, so it was sent to the local auction.
Since living in this area I have  amassed a large collection of books on many that at my age I will never walk all the routes! To accompany the books I have a large amount of O.S. maps. All these items are kept on bookshelves that I had put up in an alcove.
I also have a collection of DVDs of walks that I have done, holidays I've been on and any special events, since 2001- along with thousands of photographs stored in albums pre 2000, and on computer since then.
  The Collection

      It started with one....just one.
      It had my name etched on it.
      It seemed important.
      It didn't take up much room.
      It looked good on the shelf.
      It didn't remain alone - another took
      It's place alongside it.
      Soon I had half a dozen.
      Cleaned, polished, arranged neatly.
      Made in a variety of materials.
      Reminding me of places I'd been,
      Bought as a souvenir
      Or given as a gift,
      Or a token of love.
      It ended with a hundred ....maybe more ?
      It was  a vast collection.
      It had seemed important.
      It took up too much room.
      It meant a lot of cleaning.
      It was too much - couldn't come.
      It was no longer needed.

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