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Collecting a New Award and Trip Planning...

By Frenchgirlinseattle
Collecting a new Award and trip planning...
Bonjour mes amis,

The week is off to a good start. After I dropped off Junior and a friend at sailing school earlier today, I read some of my favorite blogs (a daily routine when I can,) and was surprised - and très heureuse - to see my friend Katelyn, from Pure Panache, had sent a blogging Award my way. I give you... the Sunshine Award, for "bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere."

Collecting a new Award and trip planning...

These delicious candied clementines from Nice's Florian confiserie
deserve the Sunshine Award, too!

First things, first... Merci beaucoup Katelyn! You have a knack for finding fun and unique objects and shops online, and then you share them with all of us! I think of you as my personal shopper, and if I ever decide to redecorate my house, your website will be one of my go-to resources. 

Second, merci, dear readers. I read each and every comment you leave on this blog (and do my best to reply when I am not traveling.) Thank you for your continued support, your enthusiasm, and most importantly, your friendship. I have finally figured out why I happily spend several hours a month blogging chez French Girl in Seattle: With a second year of blogging well underway, this uniquely creative endeavor has enabled me to justify spending time doing what I enjoy most in life these days... Traveling and exploring; sightseeing; people watching; taking photographs; and writing. Making friends all over the US (and the world,) and getting to meet some of you in person, has been the icing on the cake, or the proverbial "cerise sur le gâteau." 

Collecting a new Award and trip planning...

Jilly, a new friend, in Menton
(her blogs are listed below)

Now, Awards may come with strings attached. The Sunshine Award is no exception: Several steps are involved. 

First, you must thank the person who sent it to you. I just did (see above.) 
Second, you must recognize 10 other bloggers who deserve the Award and link back to their websites. I am happy to name ten friends, old and new, who have positively and creatively inspired me since I started blogging. Please visit their sites when you get a chance. You will not regret it.

The photographers: This budding photographer is learning a lot from you and as an expat, is grateful for your daily captures of her homeland.

Malyss, from Chronicles from the Shore.Virginia, from Paris through My Lens.Genie, from Paris and Beyond.Jilly, from MonteCarlo Daily Photo, Menton Daily Photo, and Riviera Dogs.

The versatile bloggers. they snap away. They research. They write entertaining stories or poems... These guys can do it all:Owen, aka "Mr Toad," from Magic Lantern ShowMartine Alison (and Leo le Toucan,) from My DollHouse joue un grand air de peinture.Becoming Madame.Natalie, from Jewel Yet to Find.Peter, from Peter's Paris.

M-T, from the French Touch.

Third, the Sunshine Award recipient must answer 10 personal questions following a pre-set list. Now I had a problem with this one. I couldn't imagine that you might be interested in reading some of the answers in the pre-set list (favorite color? favorite flower? favorite number? etc.) So, being French, and - to be perfectly honest - pressed for time (see reason below,) I thought I would... ahem... bend the rules a bit. So, dear readers, here is my suggestion to you: If there is one thing you would like to know about this French Girl, or her blog, please feel free to ask in the comment section, and I will do my best to answer. Ca marche? How does that sound? 

Phew. Aren't you glad? I just saved you a very boring read about my Dulce de Leche ice cream/Handbag/HarryPotter/dog addiction!

Collecting a new Award and trip planning...

Psssst! I've got a scoop for you: This French Girl loves dogs!
(photo by Jilly Bennett) 

For now, time to look ahead. I realize Junior and I have just returned from Europe, but by the end of the week, a great Northwest summer tradition will call us away from the house, once again: This family will take off for a long-awaited cruise on our sailboat. This trip will take us to Washington state's Olympic Peninsula, the San Juan and Gulf Islands before we return at the beginning of August. I know some of you will inquire about the pets: The Yellow Dog will not be joining us this time, but she and Felix the cat will be in good hands, and will stay home with a house guest. Oh, and should "the Bad Men" decide to return, they should know the house alarm is now activated at all times. Don't attempt it, [email protected]#$%^%s, or you will get hurt!For now, Le Husband has concocted a fun itinerary; I am in the process of stocking the boat pantry; and we can't wait to move on board with our gear/toys/electronics/Nutella/wine selection at the end of the week. I will try to stay in touch (I have been promised a WiFi connection for the duration of the trip,) but who knows what will happen? One thing is certain: I will be shooting away and will return with many photos of the Pacific Northwest in all of its estival splendor. Let us pray for sun, margaritas, fair winds and following seas. Happy summer, wherever you may be. A bientôt. 

Collecting a new Award and trip planning...

Au revoir, Seattle!

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