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Collaboration with Roy Durham

By Jpbrandanophoto @JPBrandanophoto
If I write the phrases Gone Fishing, Garage Sale or Auction and Thank You & God Bless most of you would know who I was referring to without my ever mentioning Roy's name. If you know Roy from his blog,  ( ) you like him, you cannot help but like this philosopher cowboy. Much in the fashion of Will Rogers this cowboy dishes out his homespun ideas on life, the world and the people in it with just the right amount of smiles.  Just who is this man named Roy? Let me have him tell you a little about himself.
" Looking back down the trail, I have done things, seen things, experienced some things, and live my life.  Fifty four years ago I made a dollar mowing lawns and shoveling snow. Fifty years ago I repaired a radio and a TV or two.  Well! I done a few thing that cowboys do like, driving cattle it’s  the steering wheel I ‘m not sure about; I don’t remember wheels on the steers, bailing hay, sloping hogs, and feeding chickens.  Had a friend name Chris Limoux. I still ware a cowboy hat, vest and boots.  I remember ice being delivered and put in our icebox by a man driving a horse drawn wagon, the Jewel tea man, and the tinker that came to our home the same way.  If I close my eyes I can still see steam locomotives’. I have built a few houses, worked on the railroad, worked on the space shuttle, worked on star wars, not the movie,  did the development test of the air bag and if you have had the vocation to use one I hope you realize I was thinking of you. Ouch!!! I have worked in law enforcement and security. Drove a long haul heavy haul truck, laundry deliver truck, race car and my mother to gray hair."

Now tell me is this not a man you would be interested in sitting down and having a cold beer with or riding the range while he regaled you with stories about his life?? I think I would like that!
The Name of Roy's Poem is;
To all who venture here

Take with you my joy

My spirit sings of angel wings

The notes you played

A kiss my friends

A gentle hug

My hand reaches

From my heart

A cup of his blood

To fill your soul

From me to him to you

Thank you, god bless you

Great poem Roy I hope you approve of my visual
interpretation of it....
I am looking for poems for next month so please send 
them in to me if would like to collaborate.

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