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Coke’s Charitable and Environmental Business Structure

Posted on the 11 April 2011 by Mregina @justfundraising

Coke’s Charitable and Environmental Business Structure   I see more and more businesses being involved in fundraising and charity projects. You may be a little sceptical and say that it’s good marketing but the reality is that companies can bring a lot of funding and attention to projects that need it. Plus with the green movement many companies are changing their impact on the environment with how they use energy. Last year we did a post on the Pepsi with their  refresh project, so not to take sides in the cola war we’re devoting time to looking at Coke.

One thing that I was excited to see was the incorporation of wind power to power their sign in times square. This seems like a great idea but on such a tiny scale compared to the energy needs of Coke. Surely they could be more aggresive than this!  They do have a fleet of hybrid trucks plus bottles made from 30% plant matter and coolers that use less energy so there are steps they’re taking to reduce their  environmental impact.

Cokes Sprite line is sponsoring a spark park campaign where you can submit your green tabs to win a chance to upgrade your local basketball park / community space and school playground. This ia great charitable effort from them happening over the next couple of months.  However when I was poking around the site I saw a really strange facebook conversation on how people get excited about the new sprite zero, struck me as really set up and staged.  

Coca Cola is also involved with a polar bear conservation effort ( since one of their mascots is a polar bear ), has an agressive recycling program and even sells  products from recycled  material. There were so many ways the company is looking at doing business responsibly I’d be here all day telling you about it. It can be touched upon in this commercial:

Also check out this video on recycling coke bottles. A great funny piece which adds a little music to the blog:

Hats off to the Coca Cola company for being very active in green, conservation, and charitable projects. There’s a room for you to grow in these areas but a solid effort!

 Check out their livepositevly page for more information on what they do. This blog post has just scratched the surface in the various ways Coke is involved in giving back.

What other companies out there are heavily involved in charity or doing business in new green ways? Who stands out or who do you want to see get involved? Drop a comment and let us know what you think.

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