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Coffee Pairing

By Aristippos

Beautiful pairings do not only happen in the palate. The never-ending shootings of coffee with sweets, coffee with cigars, cigars with whiskey, hamburgers with fries and soft drinks, wine with cheese - just to name a few - attest for the current global drive to have some camera at hand, whenever we eat and drink. The results could be often much more beautiful than most selfies in circulation.

Here is a slightly different pairing, depicting the process of brewing a coffee with an Indonesian palm filter, accompanied by the paired Reserva Limitada cigar from Curivari.

Coffee Pairing

Published by Sila Blume

I have been drinking coffee, eating coffee, thinking coffee. I am no historian, no expert, no missionary wishing to convince you that this particular brew in this particular cup will be the god-shot of your life. But perhaps being a reliable storyteller will help increase - among others - your coffee expectations, your perception in every cup, thus increasing your joy in each. Another wonder I absorb with joy and critical mind and palate, is tobacco, in the form of cigars and pipes. View all posts by Sila Blume

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