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Coffee and Grapefruit for the Skin

By Aristippos

Coffee and Grapefruit for the Skin

May 4, 2012 · by · in Caffeine, Coffee, Coffee Alchemical, Coffee Cosmetics

I am informed that those amazing coffee baths in Japan, aiming at improving the health of the skin, have coffee and the juice of grapefruit as main ingredients. Now I have found a scrub by Ayala Moriel, that has precisely these two ingredients in a fairly short list of ingredients.

Coffee and Grapefruit for the Skin

Finjan – a coffee and cardamom sugar scrub

About Ayala Moriel’s Finjan Sugar Scrub: “Nourishing sugar scrub with coffee, cardamom and grapefruit. The caffeine and the grapefruit oil help to smooth out cellulite. The exfoliation scrubs away dead skin cells, leaving it revived and glowing. The oil and glycerin carriers are excellent, non-clogging moisturizers.” (*)

INGREDIENTS: White & Brown Sugar, Vegetable Glycerin, Coffee Beans, Cardamom Seeds, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Finjan natural perfume blend (with Coffee, Rose Geranium, Cardamom, Grapefruit and Orange Essences), Vitamin E (*)

* Label information

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