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Coconut Oil Beauty Tips

By Wallpics

Coconut Oil Beauty Tips - Your New Beauty with Coconut Oil

Do you have dry skin, pimples or damaged hair? So is coconut oil your rescue! Read here what the delicious (and cheap!) Oil can do for your beauty.

Coconut oil is the closest you can get to a true miracle! There is actually no limit to what the fragrant oil can do good things.And as if that was not enough, so the oil is actually wildly inexpensive compared to other beauty products. You'll also save super much space on your dressing table, because once you have used coconut oil, you will surely hurl your old body lotion, hair treatment and makeup remover in the trash!

lets see all the cool things that coconut oil can!

1 -  Coconut Oil Makeup Remover

coconut oil Makeup RemoverCoconut oil is nothing short of brilliant for removing eye makeup - it removes even waterproof mascara
2 -

Coconut Oil Hair mask

Coconut Oil Beauty Tips Put a good dose of coconut oil in your dry tips before you wash your hair. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then wash your hair as usual. We guarantee that your hair will shine in competition with the summer sun!

 3 -

Coconut Oil for Pimples

coconut oil for pimple marks

You might think that since oil is the last thing you want to put on your pimples, but actually coconut oil quite brilliant to combat those pesky buds. Coconut oil is in fact a natural bacteria killer, and then clogs the Nor skin. If you have cold sores coconut oil is actually a very good alternative to the itch creams you buy at the pharmacy.

4 -

Coconut Oil Smoothie

coconut oil green smoothie recipes

Beauty comes from within as you know, so why not drink your coconut oil? 
Try this delicious green smoothie for Pimple : )
 A ripe banana
Two dates
A small glass of rice milk
Two large handfuls of spinach frosen
A tablespoon of coconut oil
Blend the ingredients until the consistency is quite fluent. 

5 - Coconut Oil Body Lotion

Coconut Oil body lotionCoconut oil gives game much moisture without feeling greasy, so it can easily replace your normal body lotion. You can actually also use oil instead of shaving cream when you shave your legs. Because coconut oil is antibacterial fights also the itchy, red razor bumps.

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