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Coconut Oil

By Malin
COCONUT OILYesterday my hair felt really dry and therefore I decided to try usig coconut oil in my hair as a conditioning mask. Coconut oil works as a perfect moisturizer for hair and skin. It's a natural product so it will probably be better for you than a bunch of market brand moisturizers that don't even moisturize enough and contain a bunch of unnecessary ingredients. This is 100% natural. Well, it worked great as a hair mask. I put some coconut oil throughout my hair and left it there for about an hour. It looks very greasy, but then you wash it with schampoo & conditioner and let it dry for a while. When my hair had dried it felt so soft, I was in love. I will have to make this more of a routine. Apparently this will also help you hair grow longer, so no cons here.

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