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Cocktails at the Crystal Lounge, Brussels

By Michelle Jr @abeeandtoe

Last Friday I headed to the Crystal Lounge for cocktails.

The Crystal Lounge* is a gorgeous bar located within the Sofitel on Avenue Louise.   It is everything that a cocktail bar should be. Gorgeous decor, live DJ, great views over Brussels, a big terrace,  and expensive enough that it’s a treat, rather than something you do everyday (for me anyway!)

With the unfortunate demise of my point and shoot digital camera (although I picked up a new one today – hooray) I’m afraid I had to use my phone and I don’t have a lot of pics, but I’m just going to use that as an excuse to go back and review it properly.

The menu has pages and pages of drinks choices – there is a whole page dedicated to Champagne, another page for spirits, four pages for cocktails (including a good selection of non-alcoholic cocktails), beers, wine, soft drinks…

My strawberry Daiquiri was €16. But it was very strong and you could really taste the fresh strawberries. I loved the way the drink was in a conical shaped glass, which then sat in a glass of ice – meaning of course that my drink was still cold, but not diluted.

Strawberry Daiquiri Crystal Lounge Brussels

The Orgasm was served was a shooter and I am informed was delicious. €10.

Orgasm Cocktail Shot Crystal Lounge Brussels

The Stella came in at €4. (which is not unreasonable for Brussels)

Stella Crystal Lounge Brussels

These cocktails really are something special, the colours and presentation of each and every drink had us oohing and aahing.

Green Bottle Cocktail Crystal Lounge Brussels
Cocktail Crystal Lounge Brussels
Bubble Cocktail Crystal Lounge Brussels
Blue Cocktail Crystal Lounge Brussels

There was a great selection of music, played at that perfect volume, so you could enjoy it the tunes but also have a conversation with other people without having to scream (or maybe it’s just that I’m getting on a bit).

I will definitely be back and I’ll probably try the tapas next time as well.

*Check out their website to see pictures of what it’s like inside, as my attempts were rubbish!

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