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Cobies in Cape Cod

By 3cleversisters @3cleversisters

As mentioned by my sisters, we took a family trip to Cape Cod a few weeks back.  Between our trips to the beach, outings to Hyannis or just lounging around we also made a couple walks down to Cobies.  Cobies was just a nice little ‘walk thru’ restaurant with outside seating. Instead of a drive thru, you walk up to the window and order fried clams, grilled cheese, baked potatoes–you get the picture. It’s your standard comfort food, but I think my husband voted it his favorite fried clam restaurant on the Cape. My father in law would agree as he never turned down an offer to go–and often went down to Cobies while we were choosing to cook in!


I will also add that it’s not only accessible by car or on foot.  I had a second trip to the Cape last week with my husband’s family, and we rode along the same bike path my sisters, father and nephews had biked a few weeks earlier,  even though we started out at a separate town.  After biking nine miles, I was ecstatic to see the Cobies sign off the bike path. I turned right around and biked on down. The grilled cheese and baked potato was the energy I needed to bike the nine miles back home.



While we went to the restaurant a lot,  there was one more memorable experience with my nephews. Now these two little boys are fans of the chocolate ice cream. At Cobies, you can get food, but you can also get a variety of ice cream and milkshakes. For my father, and my two nephews there was really no choice. “What type of ice cream do you want?” we asked. Their reply, “chocolate.” End of discussion.  Elliot and Henry make my sisters and I laugh constantly at their crazy antics (making smoothies, knowing Maroon 5 and Katy Perry by name on the radio just to name a few), but watching the two boys attack the ice cream is a whole other ball game. The hour it took to get everyone out of the house in clean clothes was totally ruined with one lick or attempt to lick the cone.

Scroll below for the joy of Cobies…




You can imagine the clean up after this trip. The person that was most shocked was our father. I think he forgot how messy children can be. My sisters and our mother weren’t surprised. After all, the boys love food. They are half Clevering. We sometimes lack control when it comes to our love of sweets.

If you are in the Cape later on this summer or maybe next year and want fried clams or just your own big scoop of chocolate ice cream, here is the information below.

Cobies Restaurant
3260 Main Street
Brewster, MA 02631
(508) 896-7021


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