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Cobalt Monochrome Outfit And A Guest Post

By Lookingoodfeelingfab @lookingoodfeel
Hi yall, how have you been...can you tell I am super excited today? yeah I totally am..reason? my guest post. So I did a guest post at IMBB and it was so great to read some great comments and interact with the lovely readers of IMBB...
so here is the guest post...
I am absolutely obsessed with those glossy beauties we call fashion magazines. Every month I wait with baited breath for a glimpse of those extravagant covers, the gorgeously detailed clothes, those Swarovski studded high heels and the dope on the latest fashion trends to hit the runways of the world. trends..let’s talk about those, though they all look great in the magazines and on those supermodels if you asked me to try some of them id say “hell no” and run for my life till I knew there was considerable distance between you and me. Black lips “hell no”, low rise jeans with a crop top “hell nooo” undergarments peeking out “hell nooo” monochrome bright color from top to toe?? Well hell noo So that’s what I thought when I noticed the trend of wearing a single color from top to toe, well I am a very classic fashion kind of girl and always believed in pairing solid and printed separates. Well that’s what my mom taught me and I listen to her J But then came along the opportunity to do a guest blog for IMBB, and trust me this is huge for me, Thank you Rati and Sanjeev. I have been a closet admirer and fan of the blog for long and have always enjoyed the lovely interactions that continue in the comments section, always wanted to be a part of it and this was perfect. So I decided to go out of my fashion confines, let loose, and try one of those “hell no” trends.  I dipped myself in cobalt monochrome from lids to ankles. Yes, I know I cheated a little with my neon shoes, but can you blame me, I am loving everything neon this season and could not let go of an opportunity to add some neon.
blue monochrome
neon shoes
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