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Coasting Towards Spring Break

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
Our girls have been completely off schedule the past two weeks because of the ISAT tests. Every morning for an hour or two the school administered the tests. The kids had snacks and juice available in the classroom in case they needed something (and to make sure all the kids ate something before the test truth be told). They had longer recess and lunch to make sure they had plenty of time to de-stress after one test and before the next one. Their regular class schedules have been put on hold until after Spring Break.
They are loving it.
Now that the tests are done the school is just coasting until Spring Break starts on Friday. Or at least that's how it seems to me. There's no point in them starting something new two days before a week-long break. Instead the blond twin has a read-a-thon today where the kids all wear pajamas and bring sleeping bags and stuffed animals. They spend the day doing literacy activities from reading to games to team projects. Tomorrow the blond twin's class is having a movie marathon and more games.
The brunette twin isn't quite as lucky. Her class isn't having a movie marathon, but they have all kinds of special activities planned today and tomorrow. They still have a huge box of snacks and juice boxes available for on-demand treats.
They are so excited every morning to go to school. They talk about what fun they are going to have today and tomorrow. They compare notes on whose class is having more fun. They act like school is one big party, which is a huge change from testing days when it's one big torture chamber.
It's going to be hard for them to get back into a routine after Spring Break, but we'll deal with that then. Right now we're just enjoying the happy girls who want to go to school. It's a nice change from the stressed-out girls who dreaded the ISATs every morning.

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