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Coastal Potholes

By Vikasacharya

Coastal Potholes

The formation of coastal potholes is a geological phenomenon. They circular depressions found on wave cut platforms. They are formed in the rocky channel of a turbulent stream. They are further enlarged by the constant the motion of waves and the abrading action of pebbles. Groundwater also plays a significant role in the creation and sustenance of these potholes. Other natural occurrences, such as climate, temperature, wind, and (though somewhat indirectly) gravity also plays a major role in coastal processes.Coastal potholes is a formation which is a type of geological phenomenon. They could be seen on wave cut platforms. They could be found in the channel of rocks of a turbulent stream. Coastal potholes are enlarged by constant motion of the waves and pebbles’ abrading action. Groundwater plays also a significant role in sustenance and creation of the potholes. There are more occurrences, which are natural, like climate, wind, temperature, and even gravity. They all play major roles in this slow and interesting processes. The hydrology in potholes is very diverse and complex. It includes pronounced changes. They occurred within just some feet. The hydrologic complexity transfers in high diversity (biological). That is why flora and fauna are so various. It is home for different crabs, fishes, reptiles and many water plants and sea weeds.

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